Sample written testimonials from hundreds on file by students who have attended Martin’s programs:

~ Very enthusiastic and passionate about the material presented and cares about the students and the learning process.

~ Martin is a very inspirational instructor, makes you look at things in a different way.

~ Thank you Martin, you opened my eyes.

~ A very creatively inspiring course.

~ Excellent idea to take the class on a field trip to apply learning in artistic settings.

~ Encouraged independent thinking.

~ I loved this class.

~ Martin poured out so much of himself into this class; it was an amazing journey. I’ll never look at art the same way.

~ Martin raised my consciousness and convinced me to follow my dreams.

~ Workshops with him are more than a maybe, a definite to do.

~ One dimension of the program’s material is designed to assist you in adding new and dynamic creative patterns which can translate into new opportunities for your management team.

~ I have to say there should be more instructors like Martin. This class is worth every single dollar I paid and even more.

~ Martin was truly inspirational – the class is like a religious experience.

~ Martin is wonderful. I had fun listening to and learning from him, he is very creative.

~ I loved how he picked our brains and initiated discussion.

~ Isaacson is an extremely effective communicator.

~ Great class, Isaacson knows his stuff.

~ I’m really satisfied with the content, broad enough to walk out with a lot of things in “our hands”

~   An exciting examination of your own intuition, and an understanding of the human condition which frees you from intimidation of change towards facilitating your own professional growth.

~ Content was insightful, a real eye opener.

~ Mr. Isaacson has been one of the most inspiring, informed and influential instructors I have had.  One of the most involved people I have ever met

~ Martin has the experience and knowledge. But more important he is an artist at teaching. Every class was an experience I looked forward to

~ Martin was great! Knowledgeable, helpful, patient made participation a part of the class.

~ Martin gets to the essence fast and cogent.

~ Martin and this workshop are fabulous.

~ Empowering!   Smart!  Inspiring! I have recommended it to others.

~ Beautiful and meaningful organization. Scope is big enough to make you keep going outside the classroom

~ He does not ooze with grandiosity or snobbery. Isaacson conveys a humble and fraternal manner with his person and his conversations. Then he spoke…

~ Superb organization – on target with the workshop description.

~ He is most effective and could and should teach other instructors on how to communicate to a class.

~ I learned a tremendous amount and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

~ Provided a deep insight to the meaning of art.

~ Very effective – he was fascinating – never enjoyed a workshop more.

~ Martin Isaacson has indeed stimulated, motivated and helped me.

~ Considering the limited amount of time, the overview of major movements in art and how to evaluate them was excellent and enlightening.

~ Enthusiasm and knowledge is exciting and infectious – yes we went to current art shows.

~ Definitely a mind expand workshop

~ Many questions that were unanswered in other workshops and led to my feeling of incompleteness in other workshops were answered in this one.

~ I took his workshop 10 years ago and came back because it was so fascinating the first time. I was not disappointed.

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