Ya Basta!

Ya Basta! Homage to Zapata and Sub commander Marcos
Please read Artist Statement Below.

A Revolutionary Ride!
An art installation by

Finished construction, concept and story by Martin Isaacson
Car interior by Angel
Motor and chassis rebuilt by Hector
Powder coated wheels by Andrew
Car graphics by Gerardox
Bird mask carving by Ticuna Indians, Brazil
Sculpture of Sub commander Marcos from tienda La Catrina
Árbole de la Vida, Mermaid candelero, Southern Mexico
(Martin Isaacson owns car and all contents.)


Artist Statement

In 1905 Russian Cossacks shot my grandfather to death because he was Jewish. In 1941 my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins were taken from their homes by the Nazi’s invading armies in Lithuania. Along with 30,000 other Jews who lived in that same ghetto they were machine gunned to death in a huge ditch because they were Jewish.

I believe that one of my responsibilities and dreams, as an artist/teacher is to search for the truth of the human condition and champion the cause of liberty, respect and the sanctity of life.  In most countries in the world today indigenous peoples are denied full rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  As Sub commander Marcos says, “Enough is enough – İYa Basta!”  It is time we address their plight and change attitudes globally.

In a driveway sat a 1968 Squareback Volkswagen for sale.  Its body and mechanics needed an infusion of care and love, but it spoke to my dreams and needed to live and be seen by the world.

This art installation is a metaphor for my dream, inspired by the Mexican visionary mentor, Sub commander Marcos, whose intention is a peaceful world revolution and a new attitude towards respect for all the peoples of the world.

The poet, philosopher Marcos, living his dream in 1994, emerged from the jungle in Chiapas, Mexico wearing a ski mask covering his identity. A faceless army of indigenous men and women followed.

Today 18 years later, the movement called Zapatistas, numbers in the millions and is also represented globally in other countries by persons of every color, race, and creed. Those supporters are called “The Other”.

These are men and women like myself, seeking a dream of a peaceful solution to man’s inhumanity to their fellow humans.

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